33rd Edition Top 300 Prescription Drug Cards with FREE 34th Edition Update

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Please note that this set will be no different than the 34th Edition full Top 300 set.


*While supplies last, we are offering the 33rd Edition at a reduced price with a FREE 34th Update set.   Please note that this set will be no different than the 34th Edition full set. Please contact us with any questions.


Sigler’s Prescription Drug Cards have been available for over 30 years and contain the Top 300 drugs prescribed in the United States.  Widely used by pharmacy, pharmacy tech, medical, and nursing students and professionals, it has become a leading resource for studying prescription drugs.  This set of loose-leaf, 4×6” cards comes in a 4″ ring binder and also contains a POCKET INDEX GUIDE with full lists by generic name, brand name, class, and rank, as well as medical abbreviations, weights & measures, and other pertinent information.


The prescription drug cards are updated yearly.  Those who have purchased previous sets can find update cards in our product list.


Each card includes the following information:

  • Alphabetized by generic name with pronunciations
  • Common brand names
  • A full color photograph of the drug
  • Pregnancy categories and DEA narcotic schedules
  • Therapeutic class in an easy-to-identify color coded box
  • Available dosage forms for each drug, including the most commonly used dosage (highlighted)
  • FDA-approved indications with corresponding dosage ranges
  • A discussion of the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of the drug
  • Common and severe adverse effects
  • Pertinent and common drug interactions
  • Contraindications, precautions, and warnings
  • Pregnancy categories and DEA narcotic schedules
  • Patient Consultation information



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